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Ceramic tile creates dramatic first impressions. Even a modest area, indoors or out, can come to life with the colors and textures of tile – making ceramic tile one of the savviest design investments.


Natural stone's impact on architecture and design spans generations, and it is still on display in some of the most historic buildings throughout the world. Limited only by the imagination, stone tile can be used in a variety of locations and fashions throughout the home. Because personalization is the key to great design, stone tile and stone-look tile is the perfect flooring choice for creative homeowners.


Glass is gaining in popularity as the surface of choice in home tiling projects. Very high quality and decorative, glass tile adds a handcrafted, artistic feel that is easily worth a look for your next project.


By using mosaic tile, you can save a lot of the labor that you would encounter when using lager sizes of tile. Mosaic tile is ideal for smaller spaces, such as a bathroom or a laundry room and can be a durable and beautiful addition to your house.


If you're looking for a little more splash of personality and flavor, decorative will give you that unique look you desire.


Cement tiles can be seen gracing the pages of top home decorating magazines, and on popular shows like HGTV. However, this seemingly trendy product is not a new, modern design element; in fact, decorative, hand-poured colored cement tiles have been used since they were first created in France in the 1870s. Both classic and fresh, cement tiles are making a comeback, and there are many reasons why homeowners are turning to them for their home’s design.

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